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Mechanics Member Benefits




Dear Chief,

I just wanted to take a minute of your time to let you know about the California Fire Chief’s Association Mechanics Section.  I am currently serving as the Section’s Liaison Chief. This section represents the mechanics that support your department.  The purpose of the section is to increase the proficiency of mechanics you trust to work on your equipment.

We do this by encouraging professional development through the California State Fire Training Fire Mechanics Certification Program.  Certification in this program includes testing from the National Institute for Auto Service Excellence (NIASE) as well as specific testing on the components that make a fire truck different from everything else on the road.  Networking through our mechanics will put your mechanic in touch with new safety ideas, help with trouble shooting problems in today’s complex fire apparatus, and increase awareness of concerns specific to firefighting vehicles.

Beside the networking benefit, other benefits of membership include:

  • Quarterly meetings with continuing education hours applicable to the certification program.
  • Regular newsletters including manufacturer updates and notices.
  • Mentoring help with the certification program.
  • Annual Mechanics Academy offered each spring.
  • Membership in the Fire Mechanics Section entitles your mechanics to simultaneous membership in the California Fire Chief’s Association.

The cost is minimal and the rewards realized by the use of this networking opportunity alone are truly remarkable.  I feel that you will be more than pleased with your mechanics membership in the Section.  Please consider having one or all of your mechanics become members today.

If you would like additional information or would like to talk about the Mechanics Section, please give me a call any time at 707-421-7205.